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Vanessa, PCHC

We often hear that MCC was an integral part of [a new provider’s] decision process, in deciding whether they could picture making Maine and PCHC their new home. That is invaluable to us, as we look to attract and retain professionals to Maine.

- Vanessa, PCHC

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Jacquelyn, University of Maine

...It’s critical for candidates to have a trusted, non-UMaine person to go to with questions about community resources for family members, schools, faith groups, social services, job opportunities for partners, healthcare, and other topics they might not want to disclose to a search committee...

- Jacquelyn, University of Maine

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David, University of Maine

I believe the MCC adds a great “personal touch” to our candidates’ visits and helps us to paint UMaine and the area as a great community to live and work in, which is one of the benefits we use to our advantage when hiring.

- David, University of Maine

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